Start Living Better During Healthy Aging Month

Healthy Aging in Cambridge, Ohio Senior

Start Living Better During Healthy Aging Month

Aging is inevitable. Staying healthy while aging may not be, but it is definitely possible with some effort.

September is Healthy Aging Month, an opportune time to improve your health as you grow older. The month, in its second decade of existence, focuses on the many ways we can celebrate healthy living throughout the second half of our lifetimes.

Here are some tips from Superior Med on finding healthy ways to celebrate this month (and future months):

  1. Walk on: Regular amounts of moderate exercise will do wonders for your overall health. It will help you feel better physically and mentally, providing relief from or staving off conditions such as diabetes, depression, arthritis, and heart disease. Try to walk at least 30 minutes each day.
  2. Stay positive: Having a better outlook in conversations and actions can make a drastic impact on how we feel. If you catch yourself complaining, switch to another topic. Look to surround yourself with others who maintain a positive, optimistic outlook on life.
  3. Use your brain: Use it or lose it. Try taking a class on an interesting subject from a local community college, learn to play an instrument or take a dance class. The more you expose your brain to new thoughts and behaviors, the stronger it will be.
  4. Volunteer your time: It doesn’t cost any money to help an agency or cause you’re passionate about. Making a difference in the community will reward you in ways you have to experience to believe.
  5. Look for good food: Diet can play a huge role in how we feel. Rather than trying to follow a specific diet, look to increase the amount of fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains you consume. Decrease fatty meats, packaged foods, salt and sugar.

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