Family Medicine

The family medicine physicians at Superior Med offer comprehensive family medical care in Cambridge, OH. We combine professional medical experience with the personal attention of a family medical group to provide the best, most convenient medical care for you and your loved ones.

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What is Family Medicine?

The specialty of family medicine revolves around building caring, lasting relationships with patients. The family medicine physicians at Superior Med integrate the clinical, biological and behavioral sciences to provide comprehensive and continuing healthcare. Our scope of practice encompasses all ages, sexes, every disease entity, and each organ system.

The Value of Primary Care

Studies show that countries that emphasize primary care have better health outcomes at lower costs. It’s clear that family physicians are key to a more effective system.

Our physician team consists of board-certified internal medicine doctors and pediatricians to care for each member of your family. Our nurse practitioners and physician assistants are credentialed and experienced in their fields, and they work with our physician providers to ensure your complete care.

The Scope of Family Medicine

At Superior Med, we treat you with kindness and respect while providing you with the highest level of quality medical attention. Our staff strives to provide the best possible healthcare to our community through dedication and professionalism.

Ours is a three-dimensional specialty, incorporating:

  • Knowledge
  • Skill
  • Process

At the center of our process, we emphasize the patient-physician relationship. Superior Med believes that this relationship – which we value, develop, nurture and maintain – distinguishes our family medicine practice. We hope that you will find a medical healthcare home at Superior Med.